We believe in the power of asking good questions. This core value drives everything we do, from how we engage with clients and each other to the research methods and strategies we use. As a result, we don’t offer fixed packages and all of our research engagements are bespoke. We have worked on a wide range of projects in the three main areas below. Click on them to learn more, view project samples, and download select publications. Feel free to contact us to learn more or schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.

Our Issue Areas

Energy & Climate

Media & Social Change

Health & Wellness

Our Services

Strategy & Design

Sometimes you don’t have time to collect data… we get it. While we always prefer to “trust, but verify,” we can make informed recommendations for your program based on existing behavioral science theory. We offer content and program audits, where we review your issue area, your materials, and the market, and provide a series of strategy and design recommendations. We also offer strategy and design consulting on an hourly and retainer basis – with the first 30-minute consultation always free.

Research & Evaluation

This is the bulk of what we do. Most of us are recovering academics and we love to get our hands dirty and dig for answers by sending surveys, talking to people, scraping social media, and crunching numbers. Developing effective programs begins with effective research – we triangulate qualitative and quantitative research approaches to deepen our understanding of audiences, behaviors, values, and barriers. We test and iterate as much as possible using a combination of UX and AB testing. And we evaluate to help us understand if we are realizing our intended outcomes and explore how and for whom our programs are (or aren’t) working so we can continue to improve them over time.

Writing & Speaking

If you’re doing something good in the world we believe you don’t hide it, you share it. To that end, our team has written a combined total of over 10,000 pages of published reports and articles (yes, we counted). We write academic journal articles, white papers, case studies, conference papers, blog posts, technical reports, and holiday cards. We understand the differences between writing for an academic, professional, or general audience and tailor our writing to your messaging goals and target audience. In addition, our founder and CEO Dr. Beth Karlin is a sought-after speaker on Storytelling, Smart Homes, and the Psychology of Sustainability She has spoken to audiences ranging from 10 to 10,000 and can customize a keynote for your audience on a variety of topics related to behavioral science and social change.

Training & Facilitation

Want to get interactive? Even better! We currently conduct workshops that share strategies and skills in the areas of storytelling, behavior change, and measuring impact. In all of our training, we aim to synthesize academic theory, empirical research, and lived experience to not just give a list of “to do” items but share strategies and skills that will last long after the training has ended. We also work with participants to ensure that they understand the material before and after they leave. We would be happy to discuss any needs or ideas you have for a future workshop or seminar.

Who We Work With

We’ve had a blast trying to change the world with a number of organizations. Here are some of them.

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