About Us

See Change is a research institute and consultancy that studies and shapes the role of human behavior in social and environmental change. We work with governments, NGOs, and socially-oriented companies on strategy, research, design, and evaluation of policies, programs, and products aimed at promoting environmental and social justice. 

Our team draws on extensive backgrounds in consumer behavior, health psychology, decision making, and program evaluation, and we have significant expertise in incorporating behavioral theory into interventions to promote healthy and sustainable behavior. We have published over a hundred peer-reviewed articles and our research has been funded by the Gates, Knight, Hilton, Kellogg, and Robert Wood Johnson Foundations as well as the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and over a dozen U.S. and international energy utilities. We also serve corporate clients on projects that aim to serve the public good, including Oracle’s Opower division and Amazon Studios. 

Our Process

Our approach blends theory and methods from across the social sciences to enable iterative, adaptive testing and optimization to help you learn how to do better than “better than nothing.”

What Makes us Different

We start with why

Many evaluators and consultants determine whether a given program or intervention works. As researchers, it’s in our DNA to delve deeply into the more nuanced questions of why and how and for whom they work best, which is required for optimization and continued growth.

We are trans-disciplinary

Our approach integrates empirical data with lived experience to review, design, and test the most promising intervention strategies to enhance program effectiveness and learn about best practices so they can scale across the organization.

We bridge theory and practice

We bring iterative user-centered design approaches together with academic and behavioral theory, ensuring that our work builds on best in practice science and also pays attention to the unique context of each project.

We bring proven expertise

Our team is made up of experts from top organizations and educational institutions around the world. Most have advanced or doctoral degrees and years of applied experience, making them uniquely skilled at taking on complex challenges.

We have a network of specialists

We have deep, long-standing relationships with experts in a variety of fields. Where others present insights based on second-hand knowledge, we go to the source.

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