Rebecca Ford, DPhil

Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Rebecca Ford is an applied scientist with over 10 years experience of leading large research programs on energy system transformation. Becky’s work sits at the intersection of technology, policy, and social sciences. By bringing together knowledge about energy system infrastructure, the policies and practices that shape it, and the way people interact with it, her work highlights opportunities for policy and industry to drive a better, fairer, and faster energy system transition to net-zero. Becky received her DPhil from the University of Oxford, where she worked in the Energy and Power Group. Since then Becky has traveled the globe leading programmes in New Zealand, the US, and the UK that leverage academic expertise to support real world policy and practice changes. When she isn’t working, Becky spends her time co-hosting the Local Zero podcast, surfing the Cornish coastline, experimenting with vegan cooking, and generally trying to keep her 7-year old twins alive.

Associated Projects

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