Addie Johnson Talbott, MS

Research Associate

Addie Johnson Talbott is an applied social scientist with expertise in consumer and I/O Psychology, UX Research, and Marketing. Her work at See Change focuses on media and energy, with a focus on project storytelling, external communications, branding, and content marketing. She comes to See Change with a recent MS in Applied Psychology from the University of Southern California, where her treatise focused on voter attitudes and behaviors related to political advertising. She holds a BA in English and Italian from Vassar College. Her research work is informed by a 20-year career in film and theater production, nonprofit leadership, and book publishing, where she has been an executive producer, a development director, and an editor and ghostwriter to neuroscientists and shamans alike. She also juggles and once memorized a whole canto of the Purgatorio in medieval Italian.

Associated Projects

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