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See Change Institute is a values-centered, mission-driven organization. This core drives everything we do, from how we engage with clients to how we engage with one another, the projects we work on to the people we work with, the processes we create to the procedures we put in place.

We have worked on a wide range of projects in many different sectors to support social change and pro-environmental behaviours.

Below, are examples of our recent work in some main areas of focus for SCI.



Energy and Behavior

In terms of reducing impacts from climate change, nothing is more important than emissions from our energy use. And nothing is more important in reducing those emissions than understanding and influencing human behavior, on all levels – from end users to policymakers.

While technology offers some potential for change, widespread adoption of efficiency and demand response products is lagging. Behavioral shifts provide an efficient and effective means to deliver savings in both the immediate term as well as a key element of a long-term comprehensive strategy. See Change is working to integrate social science research into the development and delivery of programs that encourage both types of behavior shifts toward sustainability.


Smart Homes

How households engage with their energy is changing.

Smart home technologies are opening the door to greater engagement and the market is evolving quickly. How do consumers, utilities, vendors, and retailers keep up with, and influence these trends to support both short and long-term sustainability?

See Change has been studying smart home technology for almost a decade. We’ve explored market, technology, and consumer perspectives to understand how the sector is evolving, and how different stakeholders can help drive adoption of these technologies to deliver energy reductions, cost savings, and grid stability.


Media and Social Change

New media and emerging technologies such as 360 degree video and virtual reality headsets are transforming how the public experiences the news.

See Change, in partnership with XXXXX, is compiling tips and resources for journalists, informed by social science, on how to tell compelling, human stories that motivating social change.

Additionally, See Change is carrying out a variety of research projects investigating the influence of visual imagery, virtuality reality and other changes to the online journalism, on public engagement, humanitarian aid, and related topics.

Case Studies

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